Creche Rules - Newmarket Olympic Pool

Creche Rules

General Creche Use

  • You must sign your child in and out on the Creche Attendance Register. This register is for emergency purposes.
  • 1 hour and 30 minutes is the maximum length of time your child may remain in Playroom.
  • Hours for the Creche will be displayed at the Creche and on our website
  • Please collect your child punctually if it is Creche closing time.
  • You must stay on the pool premises at all times while your child is in the Creche.
  • You cannot bring any children other than your own into the Creche.
  • The Creche is for children ages from 3 months to 5 years.
  • If your child is sick please do not bring them to the Creche.

Settling In

  • Sometimes we ask parents to stay with their child for the first few visits. This helps them adapt quickly and happily. We recommend shorter visits during the settling-in period. If we are unable to console a crying child, we will contact you.

Toilet Training

  • If your child is undergoing toilet training please dress them in a ‘pull up’ (not underpants) and take them to toilet before you leave them in our care.

Nappy Changing

  • The Creche does not offer a nappy changing service. You are welcome to use the change table in the baby area to change nappies as required. Please check your child’s nappy is clean and dry before you leave them.


  • Food is not to be brought into the Creche – please bring a clearly named water bottle for your child to use.

Personal Belongings

  • All personal belongings (water bottles, toys, comfort blankets, dummies etc) remain the responsibility of parents and their children. Please label all belongings. The Creche will not be responsible for any lost items.


  • Always close gates immediately and make sure that only your child goes through.


  • Children are not permitted to enter any exercise areas under any circumstances. Make the crèche your fist stop when arriving at the pool. When outside the Creche, children must be under your supervision at all times.

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