PrimalThenics - Newmarket Olympic Pool


PrimalThenics is a training program designed to improve mobility, strength and cardiovascular fitness, without the need for equipment or gyms. It helps you restore natural and healthy free movement, so you can do more without risk of injury or soreness and gain greater all-around athletic potential.

What is it?

PrimalThenics is a training program solely using your bodyweight. Traditional training styles only improve one element of fitness at a time. PrimalThenics is a unique ‘all-in-one’ program combining all the elements of Mobility, Strength and Cardiovascular fitness.

When is it?

How much is it?

$20 per class and you pay as you go

How do I book?

Don’t miss out! Reserve your spot online within minutes before coming into the class

All Aqua classes will run as scheduled, until the 22nd of June. Winter opening hours do not apply.