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Learn to Swim

Learn to Swim

Millers Swim School offers swim lessons for children and adults in a friendly, nurturing and professional environment.

Our aim is to promote water confidence and swimming skills to enable children and adults to participate in our wonderful Australian lifestyle with safety and enjoyment.

Swim lessons are conducted with experienced and caring instructors in our indoor heated pools from the age of six months. All instructors are fully qualified and report to the swim school coordinator at the end of every session.

There are 12 certificate levels in the program

  • Children are progressed up at the discretion of the instructor
  • All learn to swim lessons are of 30 mins duration

(All sessions with parents in the water)

  • Babies (6 – 15 months)
    • This is an introduction to water familiarisation and socialisation in a group atmosphere with the aim of helping baby (and parent) to feel safe and happy in the water.
  • Squirts (15 – 24 months)
    • During this stage, your child will develop an understanding of instructions/cues and be able to participate more fully and with some independence in the activities with the aim of becoming water safe.
  • Little Tadpole (2-3 years)
    • This is an extension of the activities and skills from squirt classes, promoting more independence in the water and interaction between child and instructor, preparing the child to transition to the next stage with no parent in the water.

(no parent in the water)

  • Tadpoles (Must be 3 years or over)
    • First level without a parent.
    • Beginner level of basic swim skills – learning to self-propel independently through the water with the emphasis on face in, straight leg kicking and streamline
  • Little Frogs (Ability Based)
    • Extension on the tadpole level with the introduction of freestyle arms using a board/noodle and introduction to backstroke kick and then arms.
  • Frogs (Ability Based)
    • Development of independent swimming in freestyle and backstroke.
  • Little Fish  (Ability Based)
    • Introduction of breathing to the side in freestyle and continuing work on backstroke.
  • Fish  (Ability Based)
    • Strengthening freestyle and backstroke skills and introduction to breaststroke kick.
  • Little Dolphins (Ability Based)
    • Introduction of high elbows into the freestyle stroke and combining breaststroke kick with breaststroke arms
  • Dolphins  (Ability Based)
    • Strengthening freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke skills and introduction to butterfly.
  • Sharks  (Ability Based)
    • Stroke correction for all four strokes, working on technique combined with distance in preparation for mini squad
  • Mini Squad (Ability Based – 45 min session)
    • Continuing stroke correction over a longer distance to build strength and endurance in preparation for junior squad.

Should your child wish to take on swimming more competitively or wish to continue their development from the learn to swim program, the child will then be required to move from Mini Squad into our Squad Training programs.


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All Aqua classes will run as scheduled, until the 22nd of June. Winter opening hours do not apply.